Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laughter Therapy 1

My name is Sophie.... HaHaHaHeeHeee, she continues laughing for a half a minute, then she looks at B who states her name, starts to laugh, and Sophie laughs with her and so does everyone else.
This how we introduce ourselves in the Laughter yoga club.

Sophie is the leader of this club. Earlier, before we started, she told us the history of laughter clubs and its founder Dr Kateria who began laughter clubs a decade ago. Sylvie was taught by Dr. Kateria. She then gave us some brief instructions and told us not to be concerned if at first, we seem to be faking the laugh. She also told us that we would not speak during the session, we would be communicating with eye contact and basically follow her actions. She emphasized that we must laugh with the other and not laugh at the other.

It was my second visit to this laughter club which was named Sunflower Club. Sophie had an assortment of bright funny looking headbands and hats, that we could put on by choice. There were about 15 of us and for some it was a first time visit.

For about 40 minutes, the leader did some actions,with laughter and we followed. Each laughing action which lasted about 5 minutes was followed by deep breathing or yogic breathing. Since we were in the couple of weeks of the New Year, many of the laughing actions revolved around celebrating the New Year, like dancing and toasting to the New Year. Ten minutes into the laughter exercises, I noticed that many were already getting belly laughs. People who looked anxious and reticent about smiling at the beginning of the session, were now looking relaxed, happy and smiling at one another. Did I mention that the majority of the group did not know each other before the laughter session.

The last part of the laughter session,included a group exercise, transmitting our laughter to anyone we knew who most needed it. Then we had a quiet few minutes of relaxation to music, then, sharing our experience verbally, about what we felt or received from the session - the only time we talked. Everyone was smiling and everyone stated how relaxed and happy they felt.

Have you been to a laughter club? Would you like to be in one? If you have any questions, please send them via the comments. Next week, we will continue with this theme.


Alan said...

Laughter Clubs are the healthiest trend today. Humor is mentioned in the Bible so the therapy goes back a long time. Keep up the great work spreading the news about the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine and personal responsibility. You'll enjoy the podcast on Humor Therapy at www.unbreakyourhealth.com/podcasts.

If you want to learn about other CAM therapies check out the book UnBreak Your Health - The Complete Guide to Complementary Therapies.

Agapelife said...

I am honored by your comments, Alan and tried to open your link but could not. Where can I view the intro to your book? Thanks for your visit?

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

I find my park full of people undergoing laughter therapy early in the morning.

Makes sense. left to ourselves we dont laugh as much. Maybe todays world doesnt offer that many opportunities to laugh. So what better way to become "happy"

I would like to be in one, but I may feel shy to laugh out like the people in the park.

Agapelife said...

@LVSubramaniam - Wow, you are so fortunate to have it in the park. We have to go to a club which has a fee. Read how your overall health will improve in this week's post. So are you Shy in having good health? In laughter clubs, no one laughs At you, instead they laugh with you.So try it once and then write to tell me what you felt after. Shy or Not?

http://richardschooping.blogspot.com said...

I had not heard of these clubs but some years back I connected with the "Laughing Yogi's" site and found it interesting. Letting things flow naturally is balance.

Laughter is a beautiful expression of being in the body.

Agapelife said...

Richard - Thanks! There are 4 laughter clubs in Michigan, 2 in Royal Oak, one in Davison and the other in Birmingham.