Thursday, March 19, 2009

Energy Medicine - Part 4

This is the last few days of the 7 day challenge.
K Fields of Articulates shares her experience below

"I have done quite wonderfully at it. I have kept my cool under the most extreme circumstances of when my mother who is undergoing some medical treatments was experiencing serious problems and when I first asked the MD assistant, about it I got a shoulder shrug... instead of getting upset, I took a deep breath, smiled and asked as nicely as I could if there was something I could do to help reliever her of the pain she was in... For some reason this seemed to sink into the MD that this was a serious problem and he became instantly helpful, and my mom is doing better now.. Thank-you! "

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Agapelife / P Nicholas

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coolingstar9 said...

Articulate having the cool state of mind.
Life should be like that.
Happy life.