Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Energy Medicine 7 day Challenge - Part 3

Tomorrow will be the last day for the first round of this challenge. As expected, there were some difficult periods,yet what was surprising, there were no drop-outs.
So a big round of applause for the 5 participants.

These are their responses of their experiences.
Melinda stated that this challenge made her days happier and lighter and recommends it for everyone.

Lady H has this story to relate after 5 days into the Challenge! I have abbreviated it.

I was in the supermarket, with both of my children are sick may I add. There was an older couple just standing blocking the walk way. I kindly asked " excuse me can I get through" and they just stood there looking at me. At this point my daughter starts throwing up.
I was rushing to go to check out. I was furious. They were still standing there, Yes I was having what I call a mental moment. I wanted to just scream. My daughters and son are crying. Then I saw the older woman walk towards me, who said,
"Miss you are so blessed. My husband and I was looking at your kids and they are so beautiful. How old are you." I am in my early-mid 20s. " she replied, " Well if you don't know, you are so blessed to have such beautiful children, we never had kids and we love looking at children."
I almost cried, but instead I smiled and said, " Thank you," That was moment I realized, this challenge can affect you in so many ways. When you try to surround your self with positive energy you can always change the outcome."

This is from HelloAnnie,
"I told my family to laugh in the morning and my daughter rolled on the floor with laughing each morning."

I hope that all the participants continue these exercises. If it worked to elevate your mood and your day, why stop? Keep it going...
Some of you indicated that you want to take this challenge - Welcome, tomorrow is a good day as any. Look at all the comments in the two previous posts to get more tips from the participants.

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coolingstar9 said...

Yes, having positive attitude, good for us and others.
Inspiring, thanks.