Thursday, May 7, 2009

Energy Healing -first anniversary

It is my one year anniversary as I started this blog last May!
Does time fly in this Recession? No? Businesses seem to slow down, lay-offs seem to make the time long? Do you have any control? Can you make any changes? If you said No to the last two questions, then read on....

I am no different from many of you as I am on a limited income and my business income is variable. The difference perhaps from some of you is this - I had made some CHOICES deliberately,learning from and using my Energy Medicine tools on myself. Here are 5 of them.

1. Instead of worrying, use the Time with my Energy Medicine Therapy/exercise x2 or x3 daily.
example - laughter therapy, 5 minute Energy Exercises,EFT.

2. Writing posts on my blog to share ways of being Empowered instead of being powerless. Believe me, there were many times I had to force myself to write.

3. Doing EFT tapping which caused the flow of creative juices, resulting in writing a book. Hope to have it published by June 2009

4.Changing negative thoughts and words to the Positive.

5.Last but not least daily meditation and thanksgiving.

In these days of Recession and Lack, focus of What you Do Have, no matter how small they seem and do not resent others for what they have. Why? Resenting others for their financial gains Will backfire on you. If you want money, don't resent or be envious of others who have it. So if you want time to fly in this recession, perhaps you could try the 5 suggestions given above. They have made time fly for me.



timethief said...

Happy Blog Anniversary to you!
Happy Blog Anniversary to you!
Happy Blog Anniversary - Happy Blog Anniversary -
Happy Blog Anniversary to you :)

Your blog reflects your positive focus and compassionate nature, as well as, providing an excellent source of information and useful resources for your readers. Long may you blog. :)

ElegantRose said...

Happy Anniversary! I have also been very blessed by positive thinking and EFT! They are both life changing!