Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Energy Medicine - A Misnomer?

Someone mentioned recently that she had misgivings about anything with the name "Medicine" Medicine as we all know is a substance that is used to heal or prevent disease.

Why the name Energy Medicine? Is it a Misnomer? As far as my research has taken me in the domain of Energy Medicine, one does not have to take anything by mouth. There are no pills or syrups or even supplements promoted. It is encouraged in Energy Medicine to eat sensibly.

Energy Medicine is in the category of Alternative and Complementary Medicine but unlike some alternative medicine where certain nutritional supplements or herbs are emphasized, it is not so with Energy Medicine. So what is the Medicine part?
According to Donna Eden, Energy is the medicine. She adds that your body's energies are able to mobilize and respond to illness. In energy medicine, troubled energies are the Patient. To re-pattern these troubled energies is the Solution of Energy Medicine.

Agapelife/P Nicholas

Ref: Eden,Donna, Energy Medicine,2008


prozac said...

Well, it doesn't exactly sound like medicine. More like some sort of self-help regimen.

Agapelife said...

Hi Prozac,
The answer to your comment is on my post of the 24 April 09.