Thursday, October 15, 2009

Energy Boosting Program /2

Today, we'll continue with more of the benefits of this program.

6. Improves and increases your co-ordination.
7. Calms the Nervous System and releases mental congestion.
8. Sends toxins to body's waste removal system.
9. Clears stagnant energies including emotional residue.
10. Helps clear thinking and protects from negative energy.

All previous participants of this program have experienced nothing but positive changes in their physical,mental or emotional health. For some, it has also helped them spiritually.

This is a six week program. One hour/weekly with homework to do before the next session. It is done in small group settings. However, it is also available for organizations and businesses. If interested, please contact me via the comments and mark private, so that your request will not be published.

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