Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Energy Medicine: Dieting - Who do you diet for and Why?

As you have seen from the statistics in last week's post, all the various diets on the market have not decreased the number of overweight people in the USA or Canada.

Did you know that 98% of dieters regain their weight after a few months of completing their diet regime. So only 2% of dieters do not regain? Could it be that this 2% have a strong motivation to maintain their reduced weight? Or could it be that these 2% have found a sustainable diet?

Who do you diet for or Why do you diet?
Is it to fit into a certain outfit like your wedding gown? Is someone you love pressuring you to lose weight? Do you want to look like the next top model or your favorite celebrity? Did you take a bet with your colleagues that you were going to lose ? amount of weight? Or was there a weight loss competition in your office with some nifty prizes?

Well folks, if you answered Yes to any of the above, you will not sustain the weight loss, no matter what diet you are on.
The weight loss should be for You so that You will have health and vitality. Having a healthy weight does not mean being a Twiggy. Curves are fine as long as you are within the weight range in the charts for your age and height. Do you that being pear shaped is not risky to you health as being apple shaped,ie having excess weight on your stomach and abdomen.

In a recent blogger forum, I asked members,if they are dieting or have been on a diet and more than 60% had been on a weight loss diet at one time. Did they stick to the diet? No! The longest time to stick with a diet, from the responses was a 9 month period, after which she indulges high caloric foods of the festive season.
Then she returns to a weight loss diet for another 9 months. Many people especially women seem to be on a yo-yo dieting plan which is very confusing to your body.

I remember going on a weight watcher diet a very long time ago to lose 20 lbs and stopped it once I lost 10lbs. as the weight plateaued and I could not find the time to visit the office for a weigh-in. The majority of the diets fail for the following reasons. Finally with increased activity and watching what I ate, I did lose the remaining weight.

For some being on a diet is not an option, if they have diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and high blood pressure. People who are on certain medications which has the capacity to increase weight have to watch their calorie intake and exercise more.

I studied nutrition at nursing college where I learned about the 3 food groups - Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats and the serving portions of each according to the Canada Food Guide. At university I took courses on nutrition, while working in the stroke rehabilitation ward. Patients were on diabetic diets or salt-free diets and other diets pertaining to their disease condition. The hospital dietetic unit prepared all the portions of food working on the menus, I went through, with the patients. Patients did not have second helpings or have huge plates but they did have 3 portioned meals and two snacks.

I knew that they would be discharged from the hospital with the same diet restrictions. They or their family usually follow it as they did not want a relapse or a return trip to the emergency department.

So forget about YoYo Dieting and stick to one that is sustainable and you will lose the weight.

Next week - A Sustainable Diet with the help of Energy Medicine!
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Cassandra said...

This is so true. You have to eat right and exercise for yourself. Great post!

Agapelife said...

Thank you Cassandra. Do visit and will read yours on Myths of Diets!

Liara Covert said...

As you point out, many people diet for people other than themselves. This explains why the results do not always endure. A partner, family or peers may seem to prompt a person. In reality, the person is not listening to the inner voices as closely as they could. If you believe that people outside yourself mirror things you desire to learn, then you can also come to believe that this raises valuable self-awareness. You are drawing attention to things about yourself though other people's behavior. In essence, you see yourself.

Agapelife said...

Liara, you are right, when a person pays close attention to her/his inner voice instead of ...., then the motivation would be stronger and the goal more achievable.

Darren Tan said...

A very detailed post here.. You have to set yourself a goal in everything you do. Write down why are you dieting and you are doing it for who? Be determined about it. When you are tough, your goals will be achieved. :-)