Monday, March 2, 2009

Energy Medicine - 7 Day Challenge

What's there to be positive about will be your question??? The Recession? Job cuts? Rising debts? The list goes on and on? I hear you? I have been there and I have not completely risen above it. However if you don't want all the above to lead you to serious illnesses, then you have to find things to be positive about? How can you do that?? Impossible? No, I've tried it and so have others and it Definitely elevated my mood and outlook.

Well there are 7 ways I've found to help you bring good things your way!
Take this challenge for 7 days by doing these Seven activities daily. Are you Ready to take this 7 day challenge???

1. Be thankful for what you DO have! You have a roof over your head. You do have some good health, a good bed to sleep on, Your intelligence! What about family and friends?
I find it good to give thanks in the morning when I awake.

2. Make a funny face in front of the washroom mirror and laugh for about 5 minutes, while doing your bathroom routine, after that, take 3 long slow deep breaths. You could continue laughing while you're doing your bathroom routine. Caution - don't laugh while shaving, guys! You can smile.

3.Cut back your intake of negative news from newspapers, radio,television or the Internet.You are protesting,"I want to be current on the news". You will not miss much - "Bad" news travel fast". Put on some lively or soothing music according to your preferences.

4. Look for the good news! They travel slowly. Also look for the good things you see around you on the street, at work and at home and smile. Spend at least one hour quality time with yourself or your family. Accentuate the positive.

5. Find positive things to say at work or home. Tactfully change the subject if negative ones crop up in your conversations and discussions. Accentuate the Positive.

6. Watch comedies or funny shows on TV or at the movies! Invest in a book of jokes.
Read a couple of pages a day. Cut out "Funny Pictures or Cartoons"
Stick them on areas like your work station, fridge, TV, to remind you to smile.
Brisk exercise for 20 minutes or laughing exercises for 20 minutes.
Laughing for 20 minutes including belly laughs is equivalent to an hour's jog.

7. In the evening, give thanks for your day and look forward to the next one.

The first couple of days will be very challenging, I promise, you should enlist support from a couple of friends or family members. If you did not complete the Seven instructions the first or second day, don't be discourage, just continue with the 7 day challenge. If you have more than this seven to make you feel positive, then use them. Also remember, you could write on my comments for help and support and I will reply privately if you wish.

I do want to hear from as many of you on this 7 day challenge which will begin this Friday. However, you may start it any day for 7 days. I am rooting for you!

Agapelife / P.Nicholas


Anonymous said...

Thank you - will try it!
Pat (friend of Genevieve & John)

Agapelife said...

Thanks Pat and please update me. Please get my e-mail address from John and e-mail me. Would like to hear from you. Sure miss Gen!

LadyHatch said...

This is beautiful I am going to email your blog to friends and family so they can take the challenge.

coolingstar9 said...

That is ready good. I will do it.

Agapelife said...

Good for you, William and I am here for support to overcome any hurdles.

Agapelife said...

Good and thanks for sharing this. Please keep me updated! Will put your name and URL with your ongoing progress and final reflections.

許・美美 said...

A very good idea... People need to laugh more and live more.

Definitely doing this for the next seven days. Aside from laughing for a good 5 minutes in the bathroom though. My parents might think me crazy. xD Is 2 minutes enough? :p said...

Wonderful offering Agapelife.

Also, bringing our awareness back to our breath places us in the real and not in the illusion.

This assists us in not being dependent on "things" that through nature's design "change", (including economies) and then our gratitude deepens.

Create daily reminders of awareness through computer reminders, hourly phone alarms, etc, and the momentum will build and our awareness of breathing will build.

I would also say that the most important "step" is to create quiet time daily for stillness so that all aforementioned steps will have the soil of silence to flower.

We are "more" than the body and our worldly attachments. Through meditation, contemplation, prayer, or whatever relaxes us we are then open to the more that we are.


Agapelife said...

Thanks Richard, I did not add meditation as I did not know how many of my readers were familiar with it. Definitely, a quiet time to reflect about the good we have is essential. Do you have a quick 5 to 10 minute meditation steps for beginners.

Melinda said...

I'm going to try it too! I'll leave you a PM on BC with my email addy. Great idea, Agape!

Agapelife said...

@Columbia K - Could you mention to your parents, that you were doing a laughing exercise for a project for the next 7 days? Another suggestion - During your morning routine, maybe before breakfast, you could have the cell phone turned off, and start laughing as if you were in conversation with someone who was telling you jokes?? Let me know. 2 minutes in the bathroom, 2 or 3 minutes elsewhere. Be creative in finding ways to laugh without people thinking you're crazy. The cell-phone laughing in the bus or in the mall, notice people's reaction - do they smile?

Annie said...

lol: it is great step and beyond. I have begun to think no one wants to bring energy back to the world and here you are with a list of things to do each day of the week.

Fortunately, we do all but one, laugh for 5 minutes in front of the mirror! And we live in apartment, so the neighbours may be wondering if we are conducting a miracle cure to ward off spirits.

Melinda said...

I just wanted to check in! I'm doing great so far! This is good *and* fun!


Agapelife said...

Thanks Annie, Look at my latest post, what to do, so neighbors would not question your laughter.

LadyHatch said...

Hi, I am still doing the challenge. But i have to say it makes me love life. The first challenge really made me have an teary eyed moment.

I was with my children (they are just getting out of pull-ups) and I stated to cry when I realized how blessed I am and how blessed they are to have both parents in the home and also parents who love them.

Agapelife said...

Yes tears are normal and good, this challenge tends to bring out tears of joy, relief and others. Bravo, you're half-way through the 7 day Challenge!

coolingstar9 said...

I have found it very good.
Thank you very much
We need to have peace, this is the real and normal enjoyment.