Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Humor

Humor for Saturday

Every Saturday, we will be posting some Humor. Why - Decent Humor can be Healing!
So feel free to send in some of yours - inform me if they are your creation?

A man visits his doctor for some pain treatment. Here's the conversation.

Man " All those pain pills you gave me do not work". I still have severe pain.

Doc: Alright. Why don't you try this pain patch?", (giving him some samples of 2x2 analgesic patches.) "Put one on daily in the morning. You'll get relieve for the day. See me again in 2 weeks. Here is a 2 week prescription!"

2 weeks pass.... Man returns to the Doc.

Doc - You don't seem to be in pain!

Man - It worked great. The only problem is I am running out of space. Man removes his clothes as the Doc stares in horror. The man's whole body was covered in pain patches.

Doc - You are supposed to remove the patch in the night and apply a new one in the morning!!

Have a great weekend

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