Thursday, May 29, 2008


There are various causes for Suffering, some through a person's choices and habits; some are inherited, and some caused by others' lack of compassion, to mention a few.


Many who have suffered greatly will state that they learned more from suffering than when there was no suffering.

WHAT did they learn?
1. To trust God.
2. To become stronger in mind and heart.
3. To be able to comfort others who might be undergoing similar or dissimilar sufferings. Example: When someone lost their dad suddenly, I could hold their hand and say that I too, lost my dad suddenly. Somehow, more words were not necessary to comfort that person.
4. To be able to empower others to rise above their sufferings!
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THIS MORNING, I receive a comment which will be published when the teen removes actual name as she wishes to remain anonymous. This teenager (mid-teens) said, she has not experience suffering as yet and feels she is missing something. My answer is that you don't have to go searching for suffering, it will come, but it is never to early to be PREPARED! What do you think Readers?

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