Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Laughter relieves these negative 3

Laughter relieves these three negative emotions - 1. anger, 2. anxiety 3. boredom
I remember when a patient was angry and demanding, I would say something funny or do something funny which would induce laughter from the angry person - O did I say angry - the person was no longer angry.

Did you notice that when you went for an injection or blood tests, if the nurse or technician was saying something funny, you hardly felt the needle?

When a job is boring or tedious or you are in a boring situation like waiting in traffic jams, listening to a comedy cd or joking or laughing with a colleague suddenly alleviate the boredom. I know the DJ in our local radio morning show always has funny incidents or stories.

According to A. Hortop, we should laugh fifty times a day to have great health. Did you gasp at 50 times. This includes giggles, belly laughs, grinning,peals of laughter. Dr E. Chow stated 8 belly laughs a day in her qigong therapy.

Tomorrow, we will look at how laughter exercises certain parts of the body to good health.

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