Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Muscles needed for a smile and for a frown

This question was placed on BC forum and no-one came close to the answer for a frown but one person gave the right answer for a smile. Most of the respondents stated that more muscles were needed for a frown.

We use 72 muscles to Frown. We use only 14 muscles to Smile. Smile is the beginning of a laugh. Both are infectious.
Laughter has been re-discovered as a Powerful Arsenal in the battle against many mental and physical diseases.

Even though we seem to be exercising more muscles for a frown, it is laughter that has been called "Inner Jogging" Norman Cousins. That is why it has helped patients who had poor physical endurance or poor limbs that prevented them to jog exteriorly.
Seriously folks, laughter has been given a boost in the Health Care System, finally!

Studies have shown that people who laughed and had a good sense of humor were 40% less likely to have heart attacks or strokes. Some Hospitals have included formal and informal laughter therapy programs. India has laughing clubs as many as there are rotary clubs in the United States. During the National Health Week in Wales, prominence was given to Laughter workshops conducted by none other than a Laughter Specialist.

Tomorrow we will continue with Laughter and Humor. What emotions it releases? Explore the functions of Humor and laughter?
Forget about apples. How many Laughs a day will keep the doctor away??

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