Friday, April 25, 2008


Some of you might have been following my posts and noticed of my change of name. The former blog was my foray into the online community including a particular online business which I am no longer involved with.
However my experiences the past year have contributed to my empowerment.
The intention of this blog is three-fold - 1. share my tools for empowerment
2. Requesting your story or comments of how you were empowered 3. how you empowered others or ways in which to empower.
Joy and Peace comes with Empowerment!
I have some results about Affiliate business which I researched on for several months which I will share with you in the blogs to come. As my friend Bob Proctor advised that to gain wealth, one should be in MSI i.e Multiple Sources of Income. The Affiliate Business is a good way to earn MSI.
You are all invited to visit my website. as I change articles there regularly. The present ones on Pain and suffering will be removed in a couple of weeks. Please leave a comment of how it touched you! Empowerment is transforming life.

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