Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where has November gone?

There is a saying that when you're enjoying life, the time goes fast! Well, it did for me as it is the end of November and thankfully, I've managed to squeeze this second post for November. I've been occupied with updating and re-vamping  my business cards, my logo, changing my brochures into post cards and working on the material for my new website. I thought I would share a preview of my business card. This is on side one.

Yes, my readers, this is my logo and the name of my business is "Empower You" Enterprise. The colors are my life colors which is dual as you can see - Violet and sea green. The majority of the population has only one life color but some of us have a double whammy!
If you would like to share your views and comments, you're invited to do so. My next post will focus on what is on my brochure! I think I will soon cease to use Agapelife! What do you think?
PC Nicholas                                            


Dental tourism - Dr. Milarosa Chua-Samson said...

Yeah time really move fast, so we must use it wisely, show our care and love to our family, friends and partner before it's to late, nice article thanks for sharing.

Casdok said...

I cant believe how fast time goes.
I do love your colours :)