Thursday, April 28, 2011

Empower-Student Program

We ended the last post with three Benefits of the Empower-Student Program. We will continue with the rest of the benefits and you could add your own to the list.

Benefits of the Empower-Student Program

4. The students' Self-Esteem increases and they have a healthy Self-Image.

5. They have more focus and attention in the classroom and academic confidence increases.

6. They will learn and use these techniques independently.

7. They are able to influence their peers, siblings and other friends in a positive manner.

8. They feel a sense of control over their lives.

9. They are calmer in the stresses that they encounter daily.

10. Their compassion, honesty, helping behaviors and social dialogue is enhanced.

The students will take all the tools learned in the Empower-Student Program with them through colleges, universities and the workforce. It's a Win-Win situation for students, parents and teachers.

PC Nicholas


Marianne said...

I think it's so important for parents to look into all the alternatives for treatment of their children's behavioral and psychiatric problems before resorting to medication, which is too often used as just a band-aid without the types of cognitive therapy that really can "change one's mind." Kudos to you!

MK MOHSIN said...

Wow!! i am very impressed with your lovely post.. i am so glad to left comment on this..

PC Nicholas said...

@ Marianne - You're so right. Just to add to "your types of cognitive therapy", what I do goes right to the physical cellular level which is why it works and resolves the "root" of the problem.
Thanks for your comment.