Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not your normal massage, yet so relaxing

The title of this post was taken from the average response from the majority of the 30 clients who came to my massage table, lying on their stomachs while the spinal flush was done and then some lymphatic massage on the part of their bodies that was causing them discomfort.

They left  relaxed and with some knowledge of some techniques that would balance their energies. This was their homework till the next visit. For many who came with SUDs of  8,7, 6, or 5 which was a high pain level to moderate. SUDs or Standard Units of Distress which measures the level of discomfort or pain in an individual. They left the half hour treatment with a level of zero or one. They came overwhelmed with stresses, not quite knowing which was the major stressor, they left calm and knowing which stress to work on removing.

However, it was not just a physical result that they experienced. One young woman remarked, her fear and anxiety went from moderate 7 to a zero level and she thanked me for helping her regained her confidence. I will see many of these clients for another session, as they want to work on other issues, now that they see results from just half an hour

Among the many young people who were at the massage table, there were a couple who were insisting on deep tissue massage, even though it was well advertised that it was a neurolymphatic massage. These did not read or do their homework on what effect the neurolymphatic massage and spinal flush had on the body and we could not make them understand that the treatment and techniques offered looked at holistic body which is made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects,.Western Scientific research done in recent years, in the USA, Europe and recently Russia has shown how the cellular or DNA  level is receptive to many of the techniques used in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

If you go to some of my recent posts as well as my older posts, you will see some of these works.
In the following posts, I will give you more testimonies of those who have benefited from this simple yet effective and skillful technique
PC Nicholas


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