Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Nurse - Who and Why?

A discussion in a social blog forum, about how the general public perceived Nurses prompted this series. I was prompted to write this as I spent many years in the different areas of nursing, from medical-surgical in the hospitals to Home Health and Long Term / Chronic Care, from bedside nursing to teaching, supervision and case management. All along, nursing has evolved and continues to evolve!

In the next few postings, we will touch briefly on, the History of Nursing. Who becomes a Nurse? Why Nursing as opposed to other careers? Why is there a shortage of Nurses? Will it improve? Technology and Nursing, The evolution of Nursing! What will nursing in 2030 be like? We will have short interviews with perhaps five or six nurses, each in a different area of nursing.

So join me in the next few weeks, as we explore this noble, dynamic yet vulnerable profession. We would also like to hear your positive and not so positive impact of nurses or nursing on your life.

Have Nurses contributed to society? Have Nurses made a difference in your life? Do you see a future in Nursing? If you are looking for a career, would you choose Nursing or Not? What are the reasons? Would Robots ever replace a Registered Nurse??

After you have read the completed work (expected date of completion - mid-Septemeber), perhaps, you will no longer have myths about Nurses and the Nursing Profession?


cooper said...

I think this is a great ides. If you could get some short interviews with other nurses from different genre's of Nursing that would be great as well.

Agapelife said...

Hi Cooper,
Thanks for your comment, was ruminating on spotlighting on some individual nurses, so short interviews that you suggested is excellent.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I love to answer questions about nurse practitioners! Let me know what you might need? I also guest blog on Cheers from The Nurse Practitioner's Place!