Friday, August 22, 2008

How do you stand and walk?

So elementary, you might think? Yet many people are putting needless strain on their spine and joints, when they assume the incorrect standing and walking position.

Remember your parents saying, " Don't slouch" "Don't lean against the ....? Perhaps they did not why? Well here is why? Our bodies have a body system where alignment of skeletal system is vital to our mobility. It is a strong system but just like a machine needs lubrication and proper mechanics, so does our skeletal system.

So how do you arise from a sitting position to a standing one! First move your buttocks to the edge of the chair, then place one foot slightly forward. Both feet should be about 6 inches apart and flat on the floor, then lift your buttocks off the chair with your back straight and your head looking straight ahead. Do not rise up on your toes or on your heels.

When you sit, get close enough that your legs feel the seat of the chair, and sit down with your back straightened and perpendicular to the back of the chair. All of the above keep your spine in proper alignment.

When you stand, your feet should be slightly apart. You should be like a willow tree and not like a rigid oak tree. So do not tighten any of your muscles or your joints.
When you walk, take light steps. Do not land on your toes or your heels but on the whole foot.

All these positions also create the right position to breathe properly and it does help circulation.


Tom Thorne said...

thanks, this is advice i can use.

Live long said...

Hey Agapelife, Great advice, Me too going to follow this to be more healty and live long in this world

Agapelife said...

to Live Long
Visited your blog which looks like a natural health information and products one. Only thing is I could not find anything about you or your credentials!

Agapelife said...

to tom
Most appreciated!

amit said...

good i practiced it is fine and working well to me. godbless. take care

Agapelife said...

It is great to have the feedback. Please use any of the other practices/counseling, mentioned in this blog. Thanks!