Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anti-snoring product - Review 1

Well the reviews are coming in. I wanted people I knew to try the Thera-P-anti-snoring pillow, so that I would have honest views of the product. Well, one of them visited me for a few days and slept on the pillow. When this person stayed over at my place a couple of years ago, I could hear the snoring.

My visitor also has a problem with nasal drip which makes her cough in the night and in the early morning.
Previously, my visitor had used nasal drops and some other pillows that you are able to buy in a pharmacy to combat snoring with little effect.

I noticed the first night, the snoring was reduced considerably. By the fourth morning, my visitor was delighted to find that the nasal drip problem was curbed by the use of the anti-therapy pillow and will never leave for trips without it.


Snore Relief said...

thanks for the info about Thera-P-anti-snoring pillow, and your experience of using it..., Me too want to try it.... Cheers..

Agapelife said...

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