Friday, August 15, 2008

Do you wake up with sore neck ,shoulders and back??.

50% of respondents to this question answered "Yes"!
I, too, would have answered "Yes", a couple of years ago, but not anymore. I tried everything from medications, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy which provided some relief but after a few days, back to the uncomfortable ache. Finally, I saw this product in an occupational health magazine.

So I ordered and tried it. After one night of use, I woke up the next morning, missing what I was accustomed to awaking up to, for so many years - the irritable, gnawing, slow to get rid of, Neck Pain, shoulder and back pain. I feel so refreshed in the mornings now. So what is this product you may ask?

"92% of my patients think it's great,not just good but great I have never recommended an orthopedic product with so much confidence." Dr. E. Lubberdink,D.C. Toronto, Canada

It is the Thera-p- cradle and the Thera-p-petite-cradle pillow (for women and children), and doctors, physiotherapists and other professionals are recommending it. If you want to know more, please click here.


Tom Thorne said...

I also find that a therapeutic bed is very good for me. I have had a much better time sleedping and far less back problems.

Agapelife said...

Yes, the inventor of this product is updating the mattress topper which will allow for a restful sleep and waking up in the am without stiffness or pain.

Agapelife said...

One of the products mentioned in my website has been endorsed by chiropractors,physical and occupational therapists for the relief of neck, shoulder and back pain.

Jacob said...

Hi Sis

seen your blog, great. was trying to get into the type of pillow for stiff neck but cld npt get thru

Luv Vince