Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thera-P-Anti-Snoring Cradle Pillow

WoW. I did not expect such interest in this product. It has kept me quite occupied that this is my first posting for this week.

So how was your sleep or your partner's sleep this week? Mine was fantastic!
I tried the product, myself and I had such a great sleep. I am asking all my customers to send in their testimonials.

This product has been recommended by MDs,Sleep Clinics and the wife of even the world's loudest snorer. As one MD stated this pillow promoted and encouraged the snorer to turn on their side. Dr. D. Lipman MD, Oregon


xango said...

wow , i didnt even know such a product ever existed. My hubby snore a lot.

Agapelife said...

Yes, it is does exist and a friend just bought it and used it while visiting me, who has nasal drips which makes her cough. This product solved the problem in a few days. Her snoring has also been reduced significantly.