Friday, August 8, 2008

World Record Snorer Stops Snoring? How?

" The Thera-P-Anti-Snoring Cradle Pillow is fantastic. It allows me to get an uninterrupted, quiet sleep" says Carol Hebbard, wife of the world's loudest snorer...Mark Hebbard whose earth shattering records appears in the Guinness Book of World Records 1991.
Carol Hebbard, Richmond, British Columbia.

"Research shows that when back sleepers roll on their sides, it cuts obstructive sleep apnea episodes dramatically. ...Staying on your side is easier said than done, once you're snoozing. To the rescue, FDA approved Thera-P anti-snoring cradle pillow." Women's World Sept. 2005

I spoke to the inventor of this pillow, Peter Sandler,a reformed snorer, who was in the furniture business with his father for a number of years and one day upon a client's request, researched and invented this thera-p-anti-snoring pillow. According to Mr. Sandler, this pillow is sculptured with a built-up edge to provide for a rest under the chin, forcing the jaw to close and another vital feature is the anti-snoring bar that promotes sleeping on the side which keeps the nasal passages open. This is the only FDA approved pillow for anti-snoring.

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Mariah Byron Edgington said...

Love the fluke on your blog!
In Caffection,

xango said...

My Dad really need this pillow so that he can get rid of this problem of snoring.

Tom Thorne said...

I definitely will check it out.

Tom Thorne said...

Anxious to hear your next idea!

xango said...

Trust me i need this pillow.

Agapelife said...

Hi Xango,
Like your site on mangosteen, Ate so much of them when I was growing up in Singapore. If you need this pillow, then go to my site and order - at a promotional price. Friends who are snorers are happy with it.