Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anti-Snoring devices - How good are they?

There are many anti-snoring lotions, portions and devices. Some do reduce snoring, while others are not very effective. I was researching and found a snoring forum which is no longer active.

Looking at the past comments, Pillar implants did not seem to be effective, nasal strips did reduce some snoring. There are also nasal cones, nasal clips and inserts and
could not as yet find rave reviews for these products. A friend of mine uses an herbal nasal drops sporadically and is not certain of the effect.

Sleeping on your side does help but many of us change position during the night.
With sleep apnea, c-pap and bi-pap machines with the constricting mask is recommended but I know during my nursing rounds on night shift, I was replacing those masks continually as people tend to have them off their face or over their forehead at times.

I tried using them in the night when diagnosed with a mild case of sleep apnea and I woke up many times at night as the mask or the nasal cannula ( tried a few different ones) bothered me.

So after much research, I found a product which some chiropractors, physiotherapists and some sleep clinics have recommended to their clients who have had success with it.

Finally I found it - the ideal solution which I will share with you on Friday's post - 08/08/08.
If anyone wants to comment on any of the products mentioned and how long they were using it and if it helps, please comment and mark private if you don't wish the comment to be published.


Tom Thorne said...

I'm anxious, I'm anxious. My wife, as beautiful and attractive as she is has a real problem with snoring!

Agapelife said...

The questions to ask, 1. Is she tired and sleepy during the day. 2. Does she have hypertension or cardiovascular condition? 3. Did she have a sleep study?(a study to determine sleep apnea)

xango said...

Well every thing is combination of advantage and disadvantage,so that these snoring products are.

xango said...

Most of these devices , pills fail miserably.

Healthy Guy said...
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