Sunday, September 28, 2008

Qigong:-Energy - Positive and Illuminating at the 11th World Qigong Congress

It was in San Francisco - the World Qigong congress and the theme was Qigong and TCM for Individual and Planetary Health - an essential balance.

Presenters were from China, Japan, Canada, Hawaii and the US and they all gave good presentations. We also had researchers, scientists, physicists, medical doctors,nurses, doctors of natural medicine, professors and an inventor in the panel discussions.

It was interesting to see doctors educated in Western Medicine, incorporating eastern medicine in their practice. One in particular, Dr. G. Gerber will be featured next week with an excerpt of his talk. You will also hear from the inventor of the EE System, (Energy Enhancement System) which I believe you will hear much about in the coming years as the invention of the century.

It was so refreshing to see Qigong done by these masters, including the hostess of the event, Dr. E Chow. We also heard the personal testimonials of those who had various diseases healed through Qigong therapy.

The pervading atmosphere of the whole five days was peace, joy and harmony among all those in the Congress. Over 270 people from 4 continents, Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia gathered in San Francisco for this event. The energy was highly positive. Some healing of chronic pain took place with Dr. Chow emitting Qi.

In the following postings, we will show a couple of the presenters as well some scientific research results done on qigong and energy enhancement. Here are some of the Presenters including Qigong masters.


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Lea said...

I am familiar with the health benefits of Yoga, but I admit I know very little about Qigong. Sounds very interesting and you have peaked my curiosity. Have a great weekend!

Chiranjit said...

Yoga can't help people ....all r going to die...

Agapelife said...

Not sure what this has to do with the article. As for Lea's statement, yoga has helped some people to be more flexible and mobile and have a better quality of life. The body might die but the spirit lives on...