Thursday, October 2, 2008

Energy Enhancement System

During the Qigong Congress, I met many fascinating people, one of them was Dr. Gregory Gerber, medical director of the energy enhancement system also called EESystem. He is also an MD who works in a Rehabilitation Hospital.

So what is this System about you might ask? To put it simply, this EESystem, can revitalize, re-energize as well as relax you.

1.It makes you feel and look young.

2.It revitalizes you - gives you energy.

3.It helps your immune system.

4.Purifies the air around you.

5.Relaxes you and remove harmful stresses.
Some people who used the EEsystem, had physical healing, others found mental healing and others found emotional tensions resolved.

It looks like the invention of the century! Many scientists and physicists have tested it and approved it. Early next week, I will post about the inventor of this EESystem, I had the priviledge to meet recently.

I attended Dr. Gerber's presentation and this video shows part of it. Please send me your comments.

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