Monday, October 6, 2008

Developer / Inventor of the Energy enhancement System

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, is a petite, woman with flawless skin and thick long blonde hair with a sunny smile. She greeted me with Aloha in a voice that is soothing yet strong. It took me by surprise, as this is the woman who spent 15 years of a life with the invention that has caused a stir in scientific and health circles.
She stated humbly, that she had the input of scientists, physicists and technologists.

Who is Dr. Sandra Rose Michael?
She is a doctor of Natural Medicine and was so renowned as a healer in Hawaii that more people were seeking her services! She said that she did not deliberatly try to invent EESystem. Her intention was to find something that would reach more people than she would be able through her healing techniques. She uses th1s rejuvenating System herself in her home. It must work as she looks younger than her stated age! She also stated that she does not feel the effects of jetlag using the System. This is a woman who travels monthly all over the world, giving lectures, and presentations.

Here is a clip of the presentation, similar to the one I attended in San Francisco.


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