Friday, October 10, 2008

Qigong:-Individual and Planetary Health at the Qigong Congress

So do you think that you can't eliminate stresses in your life? You have unbearable pain and tried everything without success? Is aging preventing you from enjoying life fully? The people below will answer with a resounding "Nay"

They were many doctors,psychologists, scientists and innovative Qi (Energy) Healing masters presenting their studies that showed evidence of breakthroughs in pain elimination, stress reduction, anti-aging, weight loss and extraordinary human performance. All these studies had a positive outcome - they showed the capabilities of the human potential.

According to Dr. Chow, a qigong grandmaster, more people are learning qigong's benefits which is nourishing and maintaining physical and environmental health.This inevitably benefits the Health of our Planet.

I could not attend all the workshops, especially, since I volunteered for one and a half days. One of the workshops was on Spine Care by Dr. Alex and it was excellent and we also had some practical hands on exercises. Another was Dr Chow's Spontaneous Healing in holistic body,mind and spirit rehabilitation. There were also different qigong techniques and excercises given by the different qigong masters.

The panel discussions by the presenters were also very informative. We learned about the research on how Qigong reduced blood pressure. Dr. Aung MD from Edmonton, Canada talked about how alternative medicine has been integrated to the university of Alberta and how healing energy purifies, energizes and is recycled.

Another interesting person on the panel was Dr. Rico Melson MD who is known as a pioneer in Integrative Medicine and he spoke of how globalization should bring harmony to the many different traditions of the Healing Systems and this is a man who spent his lifetime studying some of the healing systems of the different cultures.

It was a Fun Congress as well, as there was entertainment, dancing and fashion show.One qigong master stood on eggs while doing a chinese painting - the eggs did not crack.The Shaolin monks from China performed remarkable feats. There was no frown to be seen, almost everyone from presenters to the attendees were smiling, relaxed and happy. The positive energy was very catchy. Many heart to heart hugs were given and received.

If for 5 days, almost 277 people (was about 400 on the weekend) from all over the world, from different religion, cultures and languages could mingle harmoniously, imagine the possibilities for Peace and Harmony Globally, if each one's focus was the same as it was at the Congress, we all had one main focus - Positive Qi (Energy)



Buddha said...

Wow, it sounds like an amazing experience! I wish I was there.
Be loved!

Agapelife said...

Yes it was very inspiring! Perhaps you could attend next year.

Pasifik said...

Great blog!

Happy blogging,


Kathleen Blanchard, RN said...

This is a passion of mine. Healing the planet will heal lives.

I've been looking at the beauty of ecospychology. It's genius, and doesn't seem to infringe on cultural or religious differences. It's so hard to get people to unite about the value of our environment - "tree huggers", and "global warming is a hoax", etc. I too am a nurse, and sincerely believe individual and planetary health are intertwined. We can no longer accept the status quo, if we are to find quality of life through good health.

Check it out. I have no personal investment here. It's a tool, and fits in well with your message to others. It's only one path. I too practice Qui Gong, yoga and meditation. Anything that helps us reconnect will benefit our own health, as well as our planet.
Nature-Connected Learning and Healing

Agapelife said...

Thanks Kathleen. People of like minds should unite together on a planetary project.