Thursday, October 16, 2008

Practical application of my FAE Therapy

If you had been on my website, you would know that my practice is on FAE or fast acting energy therapy.

The three modalities used on FAE (fast acting energy) Therapy and also includes positive psychology, laughtter, gratitude and forgiveness. The three main modalities include EM or energy medicine of Donna Eden's, EFT or emotional freedom technique as taught by Gary Craig and medical Qigong.
Several ways one can strengthen positiveness. I have been using it for a while.

So when my website was updated by GoDaddy with template and images missing which took almost a week to fix, I had to have many conversations with them but did not lose my cool. When they gave me the time as first, 24hours, then 72 hours to fix it, I decided to take some time to do other things like enjoying nature, visiting with friends and watching some comical old series from the UK.

What could have brought my mood and demeanour down was instead used to do things that uplifted me. This is what I am teaching people to do too.

We will continue with the Qigong Congress next week.

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