Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Qigong:-Relaxing Energy?

Strange phrase isn't it? You may ask how could energy be relaxing. Well, what images does energy bring to your mind? Usually some or all of these attributes - activity, vigour, electricity, quick movement. Can you really see energy? Perhaps you would answer No. Yet you could see and feel the effects of energy!

Relaxing on the other hand gives you images of passivity, perhaps minimal activity like sitting in a recliner with a novel or lying on a hammock with a gentle breeze on your face.

Relaxing Energy was the best way to describe the experience many of us had in the Qigong Congress 08 in San Francisco. You could feel the Energy - Positive Energy, Healing Energy, Creative Energy. It is the sort of Energy that has the propensity to relax a person to prepare for creativity.

I think the best illustration would be an artist painting the HorseShoe Falls while standing on the opposite Canadian side of the Falls. The roar of the waters, the ambiances, the sunny skies, the view of rainbow against the Falls gives the artist both energy and relaxation simultaneously.

I heard western medical doctors on the podium, stating that energy medicine is the next progressive step, as Dr Gregory Gerber MD of Texas pointed out is the Future of Medicine. The following two presenters are Canadians. Dr. Aung MD - spoke of energizing, purification and recycling of healing energy. Dr. Roy Ngui's workshop was on Boosting Energy and Immune System. Dr Sandra Rose Michael presented the Energy Enhancement System on scalar energy and the practical applications of Energy Medicine.

All throughout the Congress, the communication among the 277 people gathered was positive. You could say positive energy invaded that building. Even other guests in the hotel were all friendly and positive. Not a single complaint was heard.
On the first floor, one room was set up a four unit Energy Enhancement System and participants were invited to spend some time sitting in the room. According to a physicist who measured the scalar energy from that room, stated that the scalar energy enveloped the whole building.

The next posting will feature a testimonial of a lady which is very fascinating and I met her at the Congress.
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