Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sixth Step - What to ask?

The Sixth Step marks the end of the First Phase of the Forgiveness Process. During all the Steps in this Phase, you should have been seated.  The sixth step is making a request to the Higher Self - use your own words but remember to include the words 'will' ' heal'  and 'forgive'.
Here is an example.   " I now will to heal the discomfort caused by my ? ( some examples - "being resentful of another's success", " blaming another for my problem", "self-critical","procrastinating", "begrudging","shame of my physical or mental attributes")  and I chose to be free again and I ask my Higher Self to forgive and heal all this...".
Do one value or problem at a time to be specific. You are invoking the help of the Higher Self to do this forgiving. This is not instant, that is why it is called a Process.

So the next Phase is the Middle Phase and Step Seven is when you stand or go to a higher ground as you will take the place of your Higher Self. As I mentioned in the earlier posts, you should have a coach or guide, it is even vital now in the Middle Phase to have a coach or guide. I also will not give you directions for the rest, as I noticed from some of the comments(unpublished) that readers are either still lingering in the myths of forgiveness or stating that God will take care of it for them. I've spoken to some church officials who state that forgiveness is quite a problem among the church folks. Remember the saying, God helps those who help themselves. I think the Forgiveness Process is one way to help yourselves. And talking about process, what do you think JC meant with this answer when Peter asked if he should forgive 7 times, "Not 7 times but 77 times."

I think I will be doing a disservice to try to coach generally on forgiveness as the next phase requires it. So I will leave that your choice to find a coach to continue with the Forgiveness Process. Also if you find emotional freedom technique coaches or meridian tapping coaches, they will be able to help you in this area.
This blog will shortly be going into paid subscription mode. If any of you want to be coached further on Forgiveness, please leave a private comment and an e-mail contact. I'm working on conducting one or two day Forgiveness Workshops which will cover material in a day which would take a couple of months to cover online. If you like to have it in your vicinity, please let me know.
P Nicholas


healy said...

Well forgiveness is hard to give especially when things really gone wrong but all you have to do is pray and listen to your heart.

Agapelife said...

Hi Healy,
At the start of this theme, a few posts ago, one of the MYTHS of forgiveness is that it is hard to give. Please read that and find out why it does not have to be. Also prayer have to be followed by action!God help those who help themselves! Thanks for your comment.

Thumb said...

heart health

I think its important to forgive though it can take a long time in some cases.

Agapelife said...

@Thumb. Tom thanks for your comment.Yes forgiveness takes time and the Forgiveness Process is aimed at helping that aspect. It is a myth that Forgiveness should be done just once. It is a repetitive process which once mastered, will shorten the times of forgiving oneself or others! That is why it's important to have the right support and tools.

Larry Clark said...

Good post. I support your comments in one of your posts about prayer. Prayer is just words thrown to the wind if not followed by action. It is like the guy who prayed for years to win the lottery but never bought a ticket. Then one day as he was praying his usual prayer there came a booming voice from heaven saying, "It would help if you bought a ticket!"