Sunday, September 5, 2010

Curious about the Middle Phase of Forgiveness Process?

The first phase ended with invoking the Higher Self. The majority of  my readers appeared unaware of their Higher Self, so how could I proceed to the Middle Phase? Also except for a couple, no one wanted to know more. If you're not aware of your Higher Self or become acquainted with it, then how are you to accomplish the following steps in Phase 2

In case there are some out there, readers who do not comment, who are acquainted with their Higher Self, then the following steps are just guidelines.
Step 7 - Take the Place of the Higher Self. (in the first phase, you were seated, now you stand as you take the place of the Higher Self and see what situation, characteristic, etc that the Lower Self needs forgiveness for.
Step 8 - As the Higher Self, compassionately cancel whatever needs forgiveness and upgrade.
Step 9- Higher Self heals the "person you were at the time or situation"
Step 10 - Teaching from within
Step 11 - Your Higher Self returns responsibility back to you, the personal but now upgraded self.

I am not going into details of the Steps, as I think the details would be different for each person. That is why, I think people doing the forgiveness process should have a coach, as you have to be totally objective when doing this process, otherwise you will be just going around in circles, with the help of your sub-personalities. I have included a PayPal button for coaching services for 1/2 hour at a discounted rate. This discount will only apply till end of December 2010.

The next post will give the Steps of the Final Phase as well as compare Dr Pettitt's Forgiveness Process with the one that I have used many times - EFT. Your questions and comments are always welcomed.
P Nicholas


Nathan said...

The Forgiveness Process and understanding your Higher Self can be a challenging and complicated process to try on your own. I find you really need to be in tune with your feelings (as a guy, this can be challenging). Only one of the reasons why I think having a coach would be a great idea - I am sure you would be able to illicit those feelings by asking us certain questions and helping us gauge our emotional response.

I find it funny that you mentioned EFT as I have come across this method in another area of study recently. I am not going to lie, originally I thought it was a bunch of "Hocus Pocus"; however, it truly does work. I am quickly learning that Energy plays a very important role in our health and everything else in life. As a Biologist in Western Society my focus in science has always been on the Physical Level(Newtonian Laws) as oppose to the Sub-Atomic Level (Quantum Physics). I am starting to realize there are some major flaws with Western Medicine that need correcting soon. Not to get into it but the Pharmaceutical Companies are definitely not helping this cause.

I managed to get off onto a miniature rant and now I forgot where I was going with all of this. Oh Yes! EFT!! I am intrigued to learn more about your use of EFT in the Forgiveness Process. As always, anxiously waiting for the next blog post.

I am done rambling for now. Thanks for listening (errr... reading)

Agapelife said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, coming from a western medicine background myself, I would not have made the quantum physics leap, if I was not personally faced with a critical situation where western medicine had no positive solutions. The asset of my advanced nursing education was evidence-based practise and it was the evidence that I saw in EFT,Qigong and Energy Medicine that converted me.
This is why, I am hesitant with my posts, as EFT, Energy Medicine and Qijong has to be experienced, not just read!
Nathan, you've my permission to Ramble on. Wish more of my readers would take your cue!

Agapelife said...

Hi Nathan
I wrote a series on EFT - about 7 posts, and also this one on how EFT influenced my novels.,,, here is the link...

If you want me to send you the other links, would be happy to do so.

Edwin said...

I believe that to withhold forgiveness is to choose to continue to remain the victim. Remember, you always have choice.

Kathy Garolsky said...

Nice post..Very interesting,Thanks for sharing..

PCS said...

Thanks for your GR8 post. Personally I believe that Forgiveness is at the very core of healing.