Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Information - Final Phase of Forgiveness

I've had many comments during this series of the Forgiveness Process, thanking me for the information and they were not published due to purely link dropping.  Well the Early Phase of the Forgiveness Process was certainly more than information - there was an "how to" which one would normally not only pay but make the time to attend for a week-end. Yet it was given here for free, but from the few questions and the comments, no one seemed to want to make the time. So my post previous to this is only information which will be continued today for the Final Phase.

Step 11 - how to heal yourself.  Step 12 How to heal the relationship  Step 13 Grounding the Forgiveness with "I will... "
Step 14 - Practising Patterns of Goodwill  Step 15 - Learning to Future Pace "the change"
Step 15 Checks to see if the Forgiveness is Complete   Step 16 - The Maintenance of the Forgiveness.

Phew, that was fast. Tell me would you want a heart surgeon to spend the minimum time when operating on you? Or would you want the car mechanic  to spend very little time on your impaired engine? Did I hear a loud  No! So why oh why, do you expect to go so fast on yourself in  the Forgiveness Process and get disappointing results? Yet it is a choice only you can make. Remember, recent studies have show a long list of health issues and diseases both physical and mental that cleared up, once forgiveness was given a chance.

EFT and Forgiveness will be in the next post as this was longer than I expected.


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Edwin said...

When you feel that forgiveness is necessary, do not forgive for "their" sake. Do it for yourself! It would be great if they would come to you and ask forgiveness but you must accept the fact that some people will never do that. That is their choice. They do not NEED to be forgiven. They did what they did and that is it - except for the consequences, which THEY must live with.