Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Energy Medicine a la Donna Eden Part 2

So I guess most of you were wondering what Life Colors are! If some of you thought it was another name for auras, I would have thought the same too, if I did not attend the training with Donna Eden. She defined Life Color as the dominant color that surrounds your body; it is the color you're born with and stays with you till the end of your life. Usually it is one color of the rainbow but for a few people, they have two dominant colors. "Life color is an aspect of energy that circles the body and permeates through all the other auras."(Eden)

Ms Eden is able to see someone's Life Colors and she saw it as she was signing her book for each attendee. She saw Nailina's color as violet and pink. Actually, Donna remarked that she saw many violets in the audience and this was the predominant color that she sees in all of her training sessions. Why? Violet is the Life Color of searchers - "seeking a deeper meaningful life, and usually on a spiritual quest....they are cerebral and emotional." (Eden).

Auras are energy bands of different colors that also are seen around a person's silhouette but they are influenced by time and situations.They do change.

Well, hope you're clear about life colors and auras.
P Nicholas

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