Thursday, October 14, 2010

Energy Medicine a la Donna Eden Part I

Remember the battery commercial, where the rabbit keeps going and going, while the others with the inferior batteries have stopped. That's the best metaphor I could come up with at this time of the night. From dawn to way past dusk, we were just absorbing, watching, sharing and celebrating Eden's Energy Medicine during a recent 5 day EEM training in San Deigo.

The mornings started with Energy dancing which transformed all the sleepy heads. It was mostly lead by Eden's daughter Titanya, an award winning belly dancer. Breakfast followed on board a boat docked on Mission Bay, then to the morning courses given by the exuberant Donna Eden assisted by Dr. David Feinstein. During the 3 hour course, there was demonstrations on the different energy medicine techniques. The subjects of the demo were the participants who had a particular problem.Many hands were up but Eden usually chose the one who was the severest! How did she know? She could see a break in the energy around them or scientifically also known as scalar energy, bio-scalar energy or waves. If you had a GDV Kirlian camera, you could see it, too. However, Eden was gifted to see it with her natural eyes. She told us that all of us could see it and did see it as wee children. More on that in my next post.  The picture above is Scalar energy waves seen via a Kirlian camera before an energy therapy and after.

After lunch, we had another course by Ms. Eden. Then we had our small group practice sessions. These five days and evenings were chock-full of practical information, inspiring anecdotes, humor provided by David, her spouse.There is enough material during the training that could easily provide enough articles for a year! All queries to Eden was answered thoroughly and many times with a case-history.

I'll conclude Part 1 with the following questions? 1.What do you know about your life color? 2. How would you define auras? Please click here to find out more about this remarkable Donna Eden.


Nalini said...

I attended the same conference and when I found out my life color was violet, I wasnt suprised - my favorite color since I was a kid! I'd define an aura as the bioenergetic field around your body - kind of like "your personal space".

Maths private tutor said...


Great information in this post and I think the picture above is Scalar energy waves seen via a Kirlian camera before an energy therapy and after.

Agapelife said...

@Mathsprivate tutor - you're so right - it is scalar energy waves via a Kirlian camera.