Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wow what a great group

I want to thank the wonderful people who braved the cold temperatures to attend the two and a half hours session of Boost Your Energy in 5 minutes, based on Eden's Energy Routine. I think it was safe to say that everyone saw a little of how Scalar energy worked and all agreed that the content was enough to absorb and any more would have been too much.

Yes, everyone had smiles and some laughs which was the bonus I promised. I will have a repeat of the first class in 2 weeks for those who could not make it for the first one. Already some of the participants want to attend the repeat class. As a facilitator, it is so rewarding to see that people enjoyed the class and are willing to practice the techniques for a few weeks at home

My next post will be on a brief description of the other modalities of Revitalizing Energy Therapies, as we already covered Laughter Therapy!

PC Nicholas


Chudex's said...

it's good activity if we can do every morning... and good foe us healt.

health news said...

you are right! we can stay stress free and gain enough energy by doing morning exercise.