Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revitalizing Energy Therapies -Synopsis Part I

Revitalizing Energy Therapies (RET)

The following Therapies are included in RET -

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), Energy Psychology, includes Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Laughter Therapy, Medical Qigong, Positive Psychology which includes Gratitude and Forgiveness therapy.  Group therapy classes like Boosting Your Energy in 5 minutes are others given bi-weekly and monthly and upon request. Former and present clients are encouraged to continue their healing practices by attending these classes.

Eden Energy Medicine
The following techniques are used in Eden Energy Medicine : energy testing, tracing the meridians, holding  neurovascular points, siphoning pain, sedating as well as strengthening acupuncture points, massage of neurolymphatic points, spinal flush, zone tapping. These are just some of the techniques that remove blockages to the flow of energy in the body, remove stagnant energies and enhance the body’s Immune System.

Medical Qigong
 Qi - means breath, and gong -work. So this 5,000 year old energy therapy from which accupuncture, tai chi and kung fu take their origins, has much to do with the breathing technique.
Medical Qigong uses the emitted Qi to areas in the body that is in need of repair. Certain movements combined with the
Breath work fortifies the immune system and revitalizes the body’s physical & neurological systems.

 Next week we'll continue with the rest of my Revitalizing Energy Therapies. In the meantime, keep your energies buzzing.
P Nicholas


Nathan said...

It is nice to see a couple of descriptions for these amazing therapies. I was curious about Eden Energy and your explanation was perfect.

Now that we know how these specific therapies work, I guess we don't have an excuse not to utilize them.

Thanks for breaking down some of the methods of RET. As usual, it was interesting to read.

chudexs said...

amazing, I was fortunate to be able to open it,
but I need a deeper explanation.
thank you

Agapelife said...

to chudexs. Not sure what you had a challenge to open! It took a number of years to learn revitalizing energy therapies and many, many hours of practical applications, so these therapies have to be experienced. If you want to study them, there are qigong courses offered by qigong masters and could take almost 2 years or more to study. Eden Energy Medicine takes almost 3 years and EFT about a year to two.

Agapelife said...

Nathan, knowing is one thing, practical application is another. It is always wise to have a trained practitioner to guide you!

nothingprofound said...

Love the logo, PN! As I said on the forum, it truly represents you and your work.

Agapelife said...

Thanks NP for that lovely insight!