Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two easy ways to go from Chaos to Calm!

Have the earthquakes, tsunamis, political unrest in the world made you anxious, fearful and worried? Imagine what the people who are in the midst of those natural disasters or the man-made violence are feeling?
Are you feeling helpless about those situations? Are you addicted to the grim news on the radio or television? Are you thinking that there is nothing you could do to help? Are you trying to put the blame of this disasters on ......?  Whoa... Whoa..... Stop!  Inhale Deeply, and count to three, then exhale. You have the Power to help!

Yes you, and not just by donating cash, which I'm sure some of you have already done. Here are two other tools that you could  use to help those in the midst of the earthquakes, tsunami in Japan, and bloody unrest in the Libya, Haiti and other war zones. The tools mentioned below have empowered others! Why not you???

The first one is relatively simple, relieve the anxiety,worry and fear from yourself ; then once you're are calm, that calmness could reach those people at a distance. Then you do three affirmation rounds, on spreading the Love, Light and Peace to others who are in the midst of natural and man-made disasters.  The words of the Affirmation rounds will be in the conclusion of this post.

Please try it, after looking at the tapping point video, the first one on the right top of this page. It is on
the side bar, you have a video on tapping and Jessica had done a tapping of about 10 minutes to help the people of Japan and other disaster areas.

The second way to help is to meditate and pray and I know for some of you, meditation or prayers have been quite a challenge. Meditation requires more skill than a simple spontaneous prayer from your heart. If anyone wants more information on how to meditate simply, then write to me.

Now have you looked at the tapping spots. While you're tapping these spots, with each of the following phrases, move from the eyebrow point, tapping while you say.

1.Love before me                          2.   Peace before me                          
Love behind me                             Peace behind me                                     
Love on my left                              Peace on my left                                      
Love on my right                            Peace on my right                                   
Love above me                              Peace above above me                           
Love below me                              Peace below me                                     
Love on to me                                Peace on to me                                       
Love in my surroundings                 Peace in my surroundings                        
Love to all                                      Peace to all                                              
Love to  the universe                       Peace to the universe                              
 3. Light before me                         Light below me
     Light behind me                         Light on to me    
     Light on my left                          Light in my surroundings 
     Light on my right
    Light above me                          Light to all
                           Light to the universe 
Do these three rounds after tapping away your fear, anxiety and worry.
Just remember, if we have fear, anxiety,worry in us, that is what we vibrate, so we have to tap away those negative emotions and then we can replace them with the love, peace and light that those suffering in Japan, Libya, Haiti and other troubled countries are in great need of.

PC Nicholas

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whirlpool baths said...

Very interesting concepts for helping calm yourself.

My girlfriend is constantly worrying about all sorts and since reading your blog I have been able to ease her anxiety with ease - thank you!