Thursday, March 3, 2011

Healing Power of True Friendship

Do you have a few true friends or a hundred over "so called friends" that you don't even remember their names or faces?

I know some of you reading this have friends like that, perhaps in Facebook or some social networking sites. Perhaps some of you might have been hurt by the friends you trusted and now you're very cautious of befriending anyone.Some might be keeping their friends at arm's length. Friendship like any relationship has its ups and downs, doesn't it?
Well, what prompted me to write this article and a series of posts on friendship which is ongoing in my other blog is the fact that social scientists have been conducting research in the last six years on the effects of friendship in disease and mortality rates and this is a blog of empowering health.  To find out some of the startling results of these studies, please click on the link below.

There is an ongoing study going on now using friends in Facebook. Definitely, as a society, we have found new ways of befriending people all over the world and without even meeting them in person. Has the website contributed to increasing our friends but how has it impacted on the quality of friendships? Is it possible to foster quality friendships or genuine friendships in cyberspace? How do we treat friendship that we made at school, college, workplace, recreational spots and places of worship? Have we maintain contact with these friends? The most important question of all - how many trusted friends (friends that you could count on, if you had a challenging episode in life) do you have?

PC Nicholas

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