Monday, August 15, 2011

Neurolymphatic Massage - Flushes the toxins away

Neuro-lymphatic Drainage (Flush) and Relaxation Massage
Are you having intense emotional or physical stress? Exposed to environmental toxins?

Benefits of this Technique

1.Makes you feel rejuvenated by clearing toxins
 and stagnant lymphatic fluid.
2. Clears your head and improves thinkiing by stimulating the cerebrospinal fluid. 
3.  Helps your body function better by quick re-balancing of your energies in your body.
4. Reduces built-up stress and overwhelm.
5.Takes edge of emotional over-reactions.
6. Relaxes body and mind.

It takes about 1/2 hour, includes assessment of problem areas.

What is the difference between Neurolymphatic massage and Spinal drainage massage or flush?

The benefits are very much the same but the latter also  works on the cerebrospinal fluid.  The difference is that for the latter, the massage is done along the spaces along the spine, while the former is done along the frontal portion of the lymphatic stations.

Briefly, it should be done by a practitioner who has been trained in EEM and a health discipline. Before the technique is done, the practitioner would check for problem energy areas, when doing the assessment. This technique is harmless. The lymphatic system is basically the body's garbage disposal system and plays a vital role in your immune system.

The cerebrospinal  fluid is a clear fluid with several important functions.  It acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spine. It delivers nutrients to the brain and spinal cord. It also removes waste from the brain and spinal cord.

The person should be lying on their stomach on a massage table with support for the head and one under the ankles. The alternate way of doing it is having the person standing about a couple of feet from the wall with hands firmly on the wall.
The massage is given about 1 inch apart on either side of the spine.The person should be breathing, slowly from the abdomen.

The toxins are usually removed through the bladder and through the skin.So increased liquid intake after the procedure is strongly suggested.

If you have any more questions, please send them in through the comments.

PC Nicholas.RN BScN


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