Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toxins and the DNA

I attended a teleclass recently on Toxins by Joanne Callaghan, wife of Dr. Roger Callaghan, founder of TFT, ie Thought Field Therapy out of which EFT is based on.and he is a clinical psychologist. It was a class that showed some ways to remove toxins in our body as well as other ways of neutralizing the external toxins which is in our environment. This actually ties in with our previous article on the recent research discovery of some of the function of the ninety percent of our DNA.

Through vibrations and carefully worded thoughts, we could release toxins in our body, especially at the DNA level. How, you ask? Well, I will be giving a workshop - Removing Toxins 101 on the 8th of October and a repeat on the 22nd October. There will only be room for 10 people per workshop as it is an interactive one.

Besides Energy Psychology, I have combined Energy Medicine, Qigong and two other modalities that works well in removing toxins with my clients. On a personal note, these modalities have helped me remove some toxins that have previously caused me a few chronic illnesses.

If you're interested and live near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, please e-mail to register.

PC Nicholas

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