Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remove Toxins from the Body 101

Just to inform you that the above workshop is filling up. It is an interactive one. For my readers, there is a change to the layout in this site. Hope you like it? It was done by an expert whom I am glad to call friend, Diana Needham ( She is a business coach and a very talented lady.

Please take a look at what clients say as there are updated materials there.Here is the flyer for the Workshop.

Are you tired often?
Are you catching colds or infections easily?
Do you get upset and anxious quite often?
Do you get worried easily?
Do you have elimination and digestion problems?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is probably due to the Toxins in your body that might be the cause.  Can you do anything about it?
Yes! after attending  this  workshop -

Your energy will improve.
Your resistance to infections will surprise you.
You will feel calm and joyful.
Worries? What worries?
Digestion enhanced!

This is not like any other workshop as there will be live demonstrations

Where:  100 Main Street              When:  22nd October  1030 - 1430
Registration is required by the 19th October, as there are limited spaces.
Call me at 613-234-0646 - PC Nicholas to register or email me here.


Master Blogger said...

I love this, toxins really make us unproductive and it should be remove from our body, thanks for your post I enjoy it!
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fort mill dentistry said...

This seems like a great event... I hate that I missed it. Thanks for sharing!

Book Reviews said...

Wow this is very informative post. I really need to detoxify my system. Thanks for sharing.

Dental Implants said...

I think it was a great event for that people who attend it.

Jane said...

Toxins are really stressful! You wouldn't even realize that they're one of the causes of illnesses. "Detox", a book by Helen Foster covers a lot of tips to flush these toxins away from our bodies. Thanks for sharing!