Friday, November 11, 2011

Energy of Change

How many of you reading this like changes in their lives or environments? How many of you dislike those changes. For the latter, do you know how much energy you expend to prevent change from happening or resent the changes?  Changes sometimes makes you put on hold other things that you usually do and for me it meant writing fewer posts on this blog.

I have just recently made some changes to my work environment. I've moved my business to a new office. It is a very welcomed change. The room is more spacious and quieter and it is within walking distance to where I live. I also have an extra day to receive clients which is the second change. The extra day means I could have a small group session to work on issues that affect the group participants while they also get an opportunity to practise the techniques that I've taught them in a supportive, positive environment. Initially, we will meet every fortnight on a Wednesday Evening.

The other significant change, dear readers will affect you. I'll be writing an e-zine that will require a subscription which for the present is free and my innovative, original, informative articles will  be written once a month on this e-zine called  ?  If any one has an idea for another title for this e-zine, please let me know. There are already 2 articles there on Anxiety.

So I've used the changes to energize my life by not fighting or resisting the changes. I chose to look at all the positive that would come from these changes and voila, I do feel energized.

This blog will be focusing on the workshops, circle groups, teleclasses and snippets of my articles in the e-zine. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated as are your patience.

To your health and energy.
PC Nicholas

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