Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Qi Breath in Qijong

In April's post, I stated that Qi means Energy. It also means Breath. I remember the qigong instructor telling us in the first class. "Even if you don't remember anything else but how to breathe in the qi, then you have already accomplished 90% of qigong. Yes breathing is the foundation of qigong. How you are able to fill your body with the right amount of the healing qi on a daily basis will energize your whole being. So true Energy work is equal to Breath work.

A recent scientific study showed that the majority of people are only taking 36% of the required oxygen needed for body functions like repair, growth and maintaining of the organs and cells. The required amount is 60%. Is that not an alarming statistics. Before you panic and wonder how much it would cost to rectify the situation or what expensive gadgets to get, stop and listen.  Learn how to breathe the qigong way which you can do in the comfort of your home. If you need a few pointers or support, then please contact me or Skype me. Be assured, it will not be costly now and will save you time, money and worries in the future. On the other hand if you continue with the breathing you're doing now, you are most probably already seeing the effects of breathing poorly and included side-effects of poor breathing patterns are lack of energy, allergies, chronic fatigue, overwhelm, respiratory, cardio, skeletal and muscular problems headaches, insomnia.......Are you getting the picture???

At present, many clients make an appointment with me when they have a physical or psychological problem and when I show them the qigong breath, their problems are reduced. What I like to see are clients who want to prevent certain medical problems that they have seen in their parents or grandparents. Please send me a comment or request.


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