Sunday, April 22, 2012

Healing Power of Qigong

Qigong pronounced Chee Gung, is not familiar to the western public and even to some people in the East. Yet, people have heard of acupuncture, tai chi and kung fu which all have their root in qigong.
Qi means energy and gong means work. Qigong practice began in China during the reign of the Yellow Emperor and the medical qigong was reserved only for the royalty.

There are many types of Qigong usually named after the Qigong Master who developed the qigong moves. Not all Qigong are Medical Qigong. It is adviced not to practice more than two types of qigong as it could be counterproductive to do so.

I found out about Qigong, when I was doing research on alternative medicine, after my cancer surgery and orders from the oncologist to go for chemotherapy. Before going to the qigong classes, I had explored other forms of alternative therapies that just did not seem to balance my screwed up energies or remove my pain. Oh did I tell you that the oncologist threatened that if I did not go for chemotherapy, the cancer would be back within two years and chemo would not even be an option then.

After 2 months of attending the classes and doing the qigong techniques several times a day, I noticed a return of my energies and  decrease in my pain level, so much so that I returned to work, sooner than expected. Part of the qigong therapy included meditation for half an hour daily. This was not a problem for me as I had already learned and practice meditation for a few years previously. This meditation was slightly different.

It's been nine years now and I still do my qigong techniques several times a week and  incorporated some of the techniques in coaching my clients. Yes this powerful technique is one that has kept me free of cancer and also of chronic pain that I had even before the diagnosis of cancer.

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Liara Covert said...

Nothing quite like reconnecting with free flowing energy. The only time you can do anything for your future is right now, in this moment. This is the place your future is being made. Allowing the mind to be peaceful in the present is like coming home.