Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revitalizing Energy Techniques Introduction

Energy Medicine is the future of Medicine (Dr. Mehmet Oz)

In my March post, I mentioned writing posts explaining RET or Revitalizing Energy Techniques which has roots in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Qigong and two other modalities. The other posts would describe how I was lead to these modalities and how I put my creative touch to them, to help myself and my clients.

The energy that is common with Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Qigong is none other than Bio-Scalar Energy. This energy can't be seen like the fireworks above but the effect is more spectacular than any fireworks. I've experienced this energy and so have many others including my clients, who are usually dumbfounded.

My purpose for these posts is to explain something is not always seen by the human eye and as yet can't be measured by human tools. However, its existence was mentioned by Einstein, Tesla and other scientists.

Reading about it might not convince you  which is why I've offered many times on this site a trial to experience it for yourself. I've even offered workshops and seminars, including ones online. So tune in for the next post in mid- April and let me know through your comments if you would like to particpate in a Energy Boosting Seminar.

PC Nicholas


Atta Rehman said...

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Certified Financial Analyst said...

Is this somewhat related to sun's energies or the direction of planets. I have never experienced any such thing but heard so much.
I would like to have a feel of such things.

PC Nicholas said...

Bio-Scalar energy is in our environment and not related to the sun's or planetary energies. If you want to know more, google Dr. Valerie Hunt and her research on this energy form or read more about some of its effects in my testimonials. Thanks