Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to treat Pain and Fear

As the video on this page indicate, Empower-You Enterprise is all about treating anxiety and fear. Actually fear is the layer which anxiety is build on. Anxiety is usually  the root of all flourishing dis-eases, be it physical or psychological?. Yes viruses, bacterias and genetics do contribute to diseases, yet some exposed to these variables are not affected by the diseases. Why? Of the many reasons, two does stand out in history and in my present work with clients; Fear and.Anxiety.

Both Fear and Anxiety expect the worst outcome and are not based on present reality. Instead fear and anxiety are based on previous memory which does not exist in the present reality. Fear and anxiety affect the physical systems of the body. Fear and Anxiety stimulates the hormones which is commonly called the Fight and Flight hormones. The major organs like the lungs,heart, stomach and brain is on alert mode.Oxygen circulation is reduced to many parts of the body. The para-sympathetic system which calms the body is literally shut down. The body's sympathetic system is on high alert and sees everything external and even internal as an urgent threat. If this situation continues, the body becomes worn down and the immune system breaks down and civil war occurs within the body. Could you think of different times when you have been affected?

Many people, myself included look outside of ourselves for causes of our diseases and science comes readily to our help by giving us names of bacteria, parasites and viruses. More recently it has been the recessive gene or absence of a particular DNA or a specific chromosome. All this leaves us feeling that the answer to cures are the responsibility of scientists, physicians, surgeons and chemists.
As we have seen in the past few decades, even with the intervention of these experts, people are dying from heart disease and cancer prematurely. People have become disillusioned with the conventional medical system. People who have transferred to the alternative, holistic health system, seem to have a more empowering attitude to their health.  In the next few articles, we'll look at the evolution of alternative or holistic or natural medicine and why it attracts more and more people each year. Why am I such an ardent promoter of natural, energy medicine and energy psychology?

PC Nicholas.

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