Thursday, February 2, 2012

Empowering - Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is in mid-February, yet from the window dressings of the stores and the advertisements in the media, it might as well be Valentine's month. All the hype began on the first of February. So what is the celebration about and why am I using the word empowering?
Yes, with all the advertisement, you would think the celebration was about romantic or intimate love which in the Greek language is Eros. There is also, Philio, Storgo and Agape.  In the English language, there is only one word for all the 4 types and it is Love.

However Valentine lived during the Roman Empire and he did die for love but a love that was Agape, which is an altruistic love which he had for his fellowmen and for his God. He was killed for that love. Ironic if people are celebrating it for their own gain or satisfaction instead of truly giving of themselves to the ones they claim to love.

There are two other types of love that can be celebrated on Valentine's Day,  One is Philio which is brotherly or sisterly love or love among friends and the other is Storge which is love among family members.

Love is Universal. Love is also Healing. Love is Forgiving. Love is Consoling, Love Strengthens, Love Inspires. Love Creates! Love does all this if it is unselfish. It is agape love that can remove anxiety and depression.

All  these loves (Agape, Storge, Philio and Eros) could be empowering if you remember to appreciate and respect the person you're celebrating with or the person you're buying the gift for. It should come from your heart  which means you should find out what the person likes before buying the gift. Yes put some thought into Valentine's and I've made it easier for you if you take a look at the upper right side of the screen.

It's your choice what you make of Valentine's Day and the type of love that will dominate that day.  I'm giving a rose from the vase above for each of you who visit this site and that is from the love called Agape. Happy Valentine's!

If you'd like to make an easy video, just like I did at the top right hand corner. then Click here

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SprigBlossoms said...

Hi PC, quite an informative post. Now I know the meaning of your screen name... Love for life - nothing beats that! Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)