Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anxiety Release Offer

The post I published previously on Anxiety Release for 2012 generated some phone calls from people who have some anxiety in their lives. So I decided to offer 15 minutes free to release anxiety of my readers for a limited time.

I've had excellent results working with clients to release their anxiety. The anxieties of my clients have been on various issues. Here are some of the many anxiety provoking issues that have been released.
1.Anxious about examinations or test anxiety
3. Anxious about moving away
4. Separation anxiety
5. Anxious about being in a crowd
6. Job related anxieties
7. Anxiety due to fear of needles, spiders, snakes.
8. Anxiety due to pending medical treatment, surgery
9. Relationship anxiety
10.Anxiety related to past traumas

Usually an assessment is done on a SUD where the anxiety is rated from a Level of 1 which is very mild to a 10 which is very high. As I work on the person, we continue to assess till the Level returns to one or zero.

With a fifteen minute session it is a short-term solution. In order for the anxiety to remain completely released, it usually involves several sessions with an average of seven sessions as we will have to work on other aspects of the issue or issues that began the anxiety response.

So we hope that many of you will take advantage of this free 15 minutes and see how this valuable tool works and how you could learn and use it yourself in further sessions.
You could send me an e-mail to request a free anxiety release consultation! At present I will only accept e-mail requests.

PC Nicholas

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