Friday, May 16, 2008


Yesterday, we talked about some of the Causes of Stress.We all have a certain amount of Stress that is normal. So when does Stress become abnormal?
It is when the intensity, duration and amount of the Stress becomes more than we can handle - then it will alter our Health.

In Acute Stress, the hormones Adrenalin and cortisol that triggers the Fight or Flight Response is released by the body.These hormones increase heart rate, slows digestion and changes other autonomic nervous system functions.

So what if this Stress is allowed to continue after the acute period,the BODILY functions mentioned above as well as others will wear down. Is your Immune System Affected? DEFINITELY! You are fair game to viruses, bacteria - any invading organisms.

Research have linked the following diseases to Chronic Stress - Heart Disease, Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, ulcers, bowel diseases,frequent colds, chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer. Anxiety, Depression and other mental disorders are also attributed to Chronic Stress.

A recent Canadian study has linked Stress as a risk factor to Alzheimer's. Some of the symptoms of Stress include, obesity, hair loss, inflammations, insomnia, appetite changes, backache.
A study done by the Occupational Health in the UK, stated that one in 4 workers were affected by work-related stress.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO OVERPOWER STRESS INSTEAD OF STRESS OVERPOWERING US? For those who are going through Chronic Stress, my question to you "Are you SICK And TIRED of being SICK AND TIRED"?
Would like to hear from you, my readers before my next blog? I will be writing 2 more blogs on Stress beginning Monday 20th of May, titled, CAN STRESS BE MANAGED?

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