Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Have you heard these OR have said some of these statements below?

The atmosphere in the office is toxic, everyone is getting sick and tired
My bosses are too demanding or ....
My job drains all the energy of me and I only want to sleep when I return home!
Every day is a rush.
Too much to do and Not enough hours in the day!


Just don't get enough sleep - feel tired all the time.
How can I have time for myself? My 3 teenagers need me and my elderly parents count on me.
Everyone wants my help and I can't say no!
Recently lost my loved one (companion, parent, child) and now the company has found my position redundant!
After (?) years of marriage, he (she) leaves me for another.

If you have any of the above, my friends, you are in a state of Stress. To what degree depends on the number of stresses, the time factor, your personality,your attitude your knowledge and coping patterns, previous experiences and your support system.

Type A personality are more prone to chronic stress.
The number of Stressful Factors at one time and how long those linger determines the level of CHRONIC STRESS!

Tomorrow we will visit how STRESS can physically affect your body, mind AND SPIRIT!

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